Former Navy LT

by Bill
(Toledo, Ohio)

From the quotation it sounds like Mr. Kilmer must have sustained head injuries in the third-rate films Batman Forever and The Saint.

It would be a shame for the folks of New Mexico to hire this brain-injured man to be Governor of the state.

I am a Vietnam Vet and hold a BA in History, a BS in Business Administration and a BS in Human Resource Mgmt. I may be eccentric, but I am not crazy and I know of no sailors or marines that Mr. Kilmer is talking about. Ones that he describes were discharged, or "weeded out" in boot camp.

In researching Top Gun, he should have paid more attention to real sailors and not the phony image he created...that film set back the Navy perhaps 20 years. He had help in doing that from another third-rate actor, Tom Cruise.

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