Fondest Christmas Memories

Christmas memories are fondest at Granny's home.

She always made sure that everyone had a Santa Clause sack, with their name on each one. Each sack had everyone's favorite candy, mine was peppermint patties.

The Brendle's Catalog was what she would shop from and everyone in the family would pick out their gift in the catalog.


The gift would be included in the Santa sack, along with the candy and fruit. We were always excited to find those sacks under the tree, all lined up together.

Granny would usually cook more food than we could eat. Her gravy was out of this world. Usually, there was never enough gravy, though.

Our time with her was unforgettable. Everyone loved her.

Remember your Grandma or Granny this Christmas. Memories are all that we have now, but cherish each moment.

May Christmas memories abide with you and know that you are cherished and appreciated.

Sending love to you this Christmas.

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