Finally, a Way to Respond

by George
(Marion, Il.)

I was drafted in 1969 and served as a medic in a rifle platoon in Vietnam.

For decades I and my fellow veterans have had to bear the slander of our service and character without a forum to counter the lies. Words especially cannot express my feelings of regret for those I saw killed and maimed to have been lied about for so long.

At last there is a way of going around Hollywood and the press and defending ourselves, thanks to those who maintain websites like this one.

Mr. Kilmer's slurs of the finest men of my generation are beneath contempt and I for one am not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

There is almost no context in which I can reasonably infer an innocent explanation for his words.

I'm sure the truth will out and the people of New Mexico will have a chance to judge him.

Ed. note: George, thank you for your service, and Welcome Home. Thanks, too, for stopping by to express yourself.

We invite you to share your stories of service in Vietnam. Many vets don't want to talk about the things they experienced, but many others find it helpful to the healing process.

We believe that your generation of American service members needs a place where their voices can be heard. And the people of America need to know the truth about our involvement in Southeast Asia, and what fine men and women represented us in uniform.

So, to George and any other Viet Nam vets, please feel free to share your stories on our pages.

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Mar 24, 2009
Thank you, George....
by: Vietnam Vet in Communist Massachusetts

George --

Last Sunday after church, a YOUNG woman said that she noticed my Vietnam Veteran lapel pin and stated that she thought that Vietnam was a just war and was sorry the way Vietnam vets were treated.

In spite of all the left-wing idiots in Hollywood and congress, and in spite of what the left wing MSM constantly portrays, we did and do what is right and what is necessary to protect our country and those we love.

You have made a difference for the better in this world; they can't say that.


Mar 25, 2009
Thank You
by: George

Thanks, for the kind words of affirmation.

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