Do you really believe everything the media says?

(Santa Fe, NM)

I have known Val for many years now. If he says he was misquoted I believe him. In the case of the infamous Rolling Stone article, I had been traveling out of state, and got to talk to Val during my travels. We chatted at length about our mutual love for our home state and it's people. It was just a very genuine conversation.

When I returned home a day later, the media fueled firestorm over that article was all over NM local news. But I knew it didn't jive with the person I had just been talking to prior to the article's publication. He is proud and honored to be a New Mexican just as I am.

I also know the comments about veterans do not sound like anything Val would ever say. And if I thought it were true I would have reason to be insulted. I was an Army wife for 10 years during the Vietnam War years. My daughter's father served as a forward observer with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam. And was awarded the bronze star with V for Valor 3X over.

I think it is Val that is being unfairly maligned. Please people. Do you really believe everything you read in the paper?

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