Disrespect in the Military

by Anonymous

"Anonymous" writes:

If you question the authority of our President, Barak Obama, as your Commander in Chief then please take off the uniform of my father.

You are not fit to wear it if you only respect republican presidents. You are not an American Hero you are an American embarassment!

Take off the uniform and go back to being a nobody. I don't want any phony serviceman pretending to represent my country.

If you want to bash others about not supporting Obama, you really should learn how to spell his name.

The objection to Barack Obama as President has nothing to do with the color of his skin, or the fact that he's not Republican, or even the fact that he has no qualifications for the job. It's not about race or party.

The objection is that he refuses to prove that he is Constitutionally eligible for the office (as John McCain had to do). Why should only one candidate be required to prove he's eligible?

There is considerable credible evidence to suggest that Barack Obama may not meet Constitutional requirements (there are only three). Requiring him to prove that he is eligible to be Commander in Chief (CINC) is the duty of every American.

It is the Constitution that guarantees the freedoms that are uniquely American. Each erosion of the Constitution moves us closer to losing all of those freedoms, including those you have exercised here. Those brave men and women you criticize will spend the Christmas holidays separated from their families, to defend your freedom.

The volunteers wearing the uniform of the United States are not pretenders (with a few exceptions, like the Fort Hood shooter). Suggesting they are is an American embarrassment.

The oath our service members take is to support and defend the
Constitution, NOT the President.

Enlisted members take an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and to obey the orders of the President and the officers appointed over them. Officers take an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and to well and faithfully discharge the duties of their office. One of those duties includes ensuring that they obey only lawful orders. If the CINC is not eligible to hold that office, then all his orders are unlawful orders.

Barack Obama is the pretender, and there will always be an asterisk by his name, until he proves he is eligible for the office. If not, then his every action as President is null and void. It should offend all Americans that a possible usurper is holding the highest office in the land.

Since you accuse those wearing the uniform of "your" country of being pretenders, perhaps you should volunteer, so you can be sure there's at least one who's not.

We hope you will educate yourself about the heroism that our military members (and their families) display on a daily basis. You will be amazed and immensely proud of those young men and women.

Speaking of being "a nobody," we note that your comments were posted as "Anonymous." If you feel so strongly about your convictions, why hide behind "Anonymous?" Have the courage to have a name, even if it's a made-up one.

It's easy to criticize anonymously. It's not so easy to put on the uniform and go out every day in the face of someone whose goal is to kill you, in order to defend those who ignorantly criticize you. But millions of men and women do just that, for you, every day.

Show a little more respect for them, please. They have certainly earned it.

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Obama is as much American as you or me!!!
by: shelly

Thanks to Obama...no government shut-down!!! Keep up the good work President Obama!!! I'm behind you 100%!!!

And I am very thankful for the Health Care Reform!!!

President Barack Obama is just as much American as you and me. I am so sick of people saying he isn't. So if ya got balls, say it to Our President and if not I guess you don't have balls....you have peanuts!!!

Stop and think what or who the alternative was going to be if not Obama, that arizona retard mcain and the alaska dog, malue-mut palin???

So stop saying he is not an American Citizen, cause I'm sick of it!!!!! Grown the hell up.

Hi Shelly, thanks for joining our conversation.

Unfortunately, I think you've missed the point. You may want to read the explanation of the Obama eligibility issue and whether he is a natural-born citizen.

President Obama did not prevent the government shutdown. Congress did, by passing legislation.

Whatever your opinion of John McCain and Sarah Palin, if you're going to be critical of others in public, you should at least learn how to spell and proofread.

John McCain has spent his entire adult life serving our country, first by his service in the U.S. Navy, and later by his service in Congress. So he has EARNED your respect by those acts alone. To use your words, "grown the hell up."

If you don't like Sarah Palin, that's your choice, but at least show enough respect for a noble dog breed to learn how to spell Malamute.

And sorry, he may be as American as you, but Barack Obama is NOT as American as I am.

Both of my parents were American citizens, I was born on American soil, and I didn't hold dual citizenship at birth. I'm 100% American.

Obama is not, at least according to his mother's account of who his father is (which is being questioned by some).

Obama is an American!!!
by: Anonymous

your the one that needs to grow up and get a clue...american is american...god made all colors in all walks of life. not just 100 % american...and I am way more american than you will ever be!!! I am Cherokee, was our land before any.

People are just jealous when they speak of, or you speak of Obama not being american, so you started it first. Guess you have been talking to the tea party people too long.

Hi Shelly, welcome back. You apparently didn't read the suggested pages. I have never said Obama was not American.

I said he's not eligible to be President because he apparently does not meet the criteria set forth in our Constitution of being a "natural-born citizen." There's a big difference (and a very important one).

I can spell the way I want too, or use my freedom of speech, just like you have . . .

You are more than welcome to call your misspelling freedom of speech if you like. That doesn't make it correct.

and if you don't like it, go someplace else.

I do believe you're confused. This is my web site, remember?

Why don't you call the White House and tell them what you are saying here, see what happens to you then.

Are you suggesting that only those who agree with our President have freedom of speech? Gee, that makes us sound a lot more like Libya than America, doesn't it?

And if you are in the military, you are going against all Americans and against your commander in chief so you are living a lie every day you put on your uniform...A total disgrace.

I'll leave you to discover for yourself my military status if you're interested, by reading more of the site. By the way, not "all Americans" support the current Commander in Chief.

I have said what others think and are too afraid to say.

On the contrary, those who agree with you are very vocal whenever given an opportunity.

We welcome differing opinions, because we understand that one of the things that made America great is the freedom to discuss issues from different points of view.

Thank you for sharing yours with our readers.

how legislation works
by: Anonymous

yes and this legislation couldn't be passed without our President controlling it or running it. We all work together to get good results, rep and dem working together as one...so grow up...take your thoughts to the president or drop it...you won't win.

Hi Shelly, I'm afraid you need to study "how legislation works."

Congress passes legislation, and the President either signs it into law, or he vetos it.

But he doesn't "run it" or "control it." He'd certainly like to, but that is not the way our government is set up.

And because this is America, I have more choices than "take it to the president or drop it." Hundreds of thousands of men and women before me have fought and died to give you and me the right to freely discuss our opinions, without fear of reprisal by our government.

And I am grateful for the millions out there today continuing to defend that right every day. I hope you are, too, because we owe them a huge debt.

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