by Sandra Hickman
(Fairfax, VA)

So who exactly is behind this shameful attempt to undermine the authority of our President and incite open rebellion in the US military? This concerned, loyal American wife of an honorable, decorated Army Officer would love to know.

Never, not once during my husband's many years of service did he EVER publicly question the authority of a sitting US president.

And this birth certificate nonsense has been debunked repeatedly, so to have an active duty officer of the US repeat these desperate lies in any public venue completely undermines the stability of the US and our armed forces.

I, and most Americans, view this public insubordination as a direct threat to the country we love and are actively working to ensure it ceases.

Republican or Democrat, our nation DEMANDS that our active duty military show respect for our ELECTED officials.

Sandra, we'd like to thank you for posting your thoughts. But we have to ask, did you read the entire article?

No one is advocating "open rebellion" in the military.

Military Officers Swear Allegiance to the Constitution,
Not the President

As your husband will tell you, the oath he took was to support and defend the Constitution, not the President. Officers (actually, all service members) have an affirmative obligation to NOT obey illegal orders, even if they come from the President.

This soldier's position is that, if Obama is not eligible to be Commander-in-Chief, then ALL orders he issues would be illegal orders, because they are issued by someone without the authority to do so.

That's a valid position, and we think it would make for a very interesting court case.

While your husband may not have ever questioned the authority of a sitting US president, never before has there been a US president whose eligibility for the office was in doubt, nor has there been a president who has gone to such lengths to hide his past.

Many retired senior officers we know, including Flag and General officers, agree with this young soldier's position.

Where's the REAL Birth Certificate?

The birth certificate issue, despite your assertion to the contrary, still is unsettled. The birth certificate posted on the internet by the Obama team has been investigated by forensics experts and determined to be a fraud or forgery. The liberal media would like you to believe the issue is settled, but as a matter of fact, it is not.

How Art Thou Ineligible? Let Me Count the Ways

1. Not a Natural-Born Citizen

The original article walks you through the facts,
which strongly suggest that Barack Obama may not be an American citizen at all. And IF his birth father was Barack Obama, Sr. (which is also in doubt), he was never a "natural-born citizen" (as the Constitution requires).

Under the law in effect at the time of his birth, Ann Dunham was not old enough to confer citizenship on her child. If he was in fact born in Hawaii (or elsewhere in the US), then he would be a US citizen by birth.

2. Dual Citizenship

But that does not make him a "natural-born citizen" as our Founding Fathers required. IF his father was Barack Obama, Sr., then he was a British citizen at birth (Kenya was still a British protectorate at that time), giving him dual citizenship, which the Founding Fathers expressly sought to exclude.

So, if the birth certificate presented WERE valid, it is proof that Barack Obama, Jr. is NOT constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States due to his dual citizenship.

For the sake of argument, let's say the birth certificate is OK, and Obama is a dual US/British citizen by virtue of his birth. Dual citizenship makes him ineligible.

3. Indonesian Citizen

Young Barry moved to Indonesia with his mother and her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, another Muslim, at age 6. He claims he was adopted by Soetoro, and he became an Indonesian citizen, with an Indonesian passport.

Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, so in order to become an Indonesian citizen, Obama had to give up both his US and British citizenship.

He enrolled at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and accepted a Fulbright Fellowship, for which he had to claim foreign citizenship.

Then while in college, he traveled to Pakistan with a fellow student, at a time when those holding US passports and other non-Muslims were not allowed to visit Pakistan. It would have been no problem for him to enter Pakistan as a Muslim citizen of Indonesia.

4. Renounced US Citizenship

This affirmation of Indonesian citizenship after the age of 18 operated to renounce his US citizenship. By claiming to be an Indonesian citizen after age 18, Obama affirmed the earlier renunciation made on his behalf by his mother and step-father.

So, the only way for Barry Soetoro, Indonesian citizen, to become Barack Obama, American citizen, would be to go through the naturalization process. As far as we know, there are no records indicating that he did so.

So it is entirely possible that the American President is not even an American citizen!

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by: Anonymous

How in the world is it even possible for someone to be allowed to be a US president without going through all kinds of background checks to prove his citizenship among other things.

Being military myself, I had to prove everything along with having background checks, which consisted of all kinds of information about my family, including parents, siblings, etc...

A president should have even more extensive background checks than most because of his position alone.

I just cannot understand how someone could even run for president much less be allowed to take office without having to prove everything about himself.

I really don't think Obama is an American citizen and it's being kept quiet by the powers that be or whoever backed him to run in the first place.

As the old saying goes if you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing.

What is our nation coming to?!

Follow-Up - Truth and Honor Matter, Part 1
by: Sandra Hickman

Did I read the whole article? Yes, and as expected, found it to be nothing more than the same pathetic conspiracy theory claims that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, persist in promoting propaganda and delusional accusations against the legitimacy of our President without one shred of credible evidence.

There is plenty of “credible evidence” to create much more than a reasonable doubt, if you take off the rosy-tinted glasses. If this “overwhelming evidence to the contrary” that you’re citing is the birth certificate posted online, it has been scientifically shown to be a forgery. But as the article explains, even if the birth certificate is valid, there is substantial evidence that, if Obama was a US citizen at birth, he may no longer be. You seem to be completely ignoring the legal requirements for citizenship.

No surprise that the article’s author declined to identify him/herself. I can only theorize what your motives are, but one thing is clear, there isn’t a single credible charitable organization purporting to support the proud men and women of the US military that would ever publish such un-American and seditious content on their website or anywhere else.

The article’s author is a former Navy JAG officer who took the oath to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. I am also the spouse of a retired naval officer who, after taking that same oath, served in combat.

My motives are love of country and respect for our Constitution and the rule of law. Our Constitution sets forth minimum requirements for President. Barack Obama most likely does not meet those requirements. As an American, and as a military spouse, that should cause you grave concern.

Let’s be clear about this, it matters not what oath you took, all men and women serving in the US military must honor the authority and all lawful orders of the Commander in Chief as spelled out in the US Constitution. Period.

First, it absolutely DOES matter what oath you took, and whether you take it seriously! You couldn’t be more wrong about that. If your husband doesn’t take his oath seriously, he should immediately submit his resignation.

You’ll be surprised to hear that I agree with what comes after the comma in your sentence above. Please re-read what you wrote, paying special attention to the qualifiers YOU used – the problem is that since Barack Obama most likely does not meet the requirements for President “as spelled out in the US Constitution,” then he is devoid of authority as Commander-in-Chief, and none of the orders he issues would be lawful orders.

For just a moment, consider from a purely legal standpoint, the legal implications of a usurper, constitutionally unqualified, and possibly not even a US citizen, occupying the White House. Many knowledgeable and respected people believe that is an accurate description of Barack Obama.

Continued in Part 2...

Follow-Up - Truth and Honor Matter, Part 2
by: Sandra Hickman

Editor's note: This comment continues from the end of Part 1.

And unless I’m living in an alternate universe and our military officers are now responsible for the interpretation of constitutional issues, President Barack Obama was just re-elected for his second term as the lawful President of the United States of America.

Alternative universe notwithstanding, US military officers have always been responsible for their actions in obeying or disobeying orders, and have an affirmative duty not to obey unlawful orders.

Re-election alone does not necessarily make Barack Obama the LAWFUL President. If he is constitutionally unqualified, his election is meaningless - null and void.

So I ask again, who is attempting to undermine our national security by inciting insubordination in the Armed Forces?

No one here is attempting to undermine national security - in fact, we’re doing just the opposite. Wouldn’t you agree that a non-US citizen, with demonstrated allegiance to non-US interests, occupying the White House would be a threat to national security?

All while hiding behind our American flag in the guise of a charitable organization for US soldiers?

This web site is not set up as a “charitable organization.”

I am not ashamed to identify myself…. Are you?

Perhaps your husband would prefer that you didn't, after your comment that his oath didn't matter?

Sandra Hickman

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