Delusional People Rarely Recall What They Have Said

by Larry M. Carpenter, Sr.
(Wisconsin, U.S.A.)

1974 and proudly serving in the Navy Seabees (USNMCB-10)

1974 and proudly serving in the Navy Seabees (USNMCB-10)

Kilmer is definitely deluded if he believes he understands what went on in a Vietnam Veteran's mind as he watched his buddies die.

The best possible script which we didn't have in 'nam cannot describe the horror of seeing what remains of a man after he steps on a "Bouncing Betty," or has his legs shot off by a machine gun an hour after telling you about the football scholarship he turned down from Yale because he wanted to be a Marine.

I wonder if Val could understand what it's like to help pick up body parts after a truck load of men runs over a land mine? Or, how about one person being hit by a mortar and, you find his left leg but nothing else. I doubt it.

I wonder if his actor's training would prepare him for falling into a punji pit while carrying a 50 cal. machine gun and wearing a full field pack. Not likely.

Or, what radio operator's felt like wearing a PRC-25 on their backs. I've heard it described as wearing a bulls eye on your back. Probably wouldn't understand.

I wonder if he would understand the torture and torment that some of our men went through while in the hands of the Cong. I seriously doubt it.

Nope. Kilmer is one deluded person if he believes he understands it better than a Vietnam Vet who was there.

Then to say he never made those comments. Sounds like some very serious back-pedaling to me. This guy just isn't right in his head. And, if he didn't make these comments, . . . Who did?!

BTW I am not a Vietnam Vet, just a Vietnam Era Vet. I just came very close to going. I have many friends who are, some of whom still suffer the effects of having been there. Something I doubt Kilmer would understand either.

Nope, Kilmer's just a delusional gas bag.

The incidences that I mentioned are things I have heard from Vietnam Vets who were there. Most of whom volunteered to go because they believed it was right.

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