Danger: 60 years to produce an imposter, Obama/Soetoro

by roy
(memphis, tn, usa)

Roy writes:

What dark, sinister, anti-Constitutional group who hides in darkness is supporting this usurper/impostor to the highest office of the land?

Wouldn't it be shocking to find out as the people of this nation are being destroyed, that the voting machines were tampered with - as they always have been - and populace votes have never played a part in electing anyone since Lincoln (modern votes electronically manipulated toward a candidate for evil)? That a group who worship evil have always controlled the electoral college? (Supposition, but probable, seeing how the impossible has happened).

Our Constitution forbids entry or participation in any organization such as the so-called United Nations, which consists solely of enemies of the USA.

What is wrong with everyone in this nation?

Is greed their only god? Is their allegiance to money and power above country? Well, of course, yes is the answer to both questions.

Does the One who Christians call God really exist?

If so, then they should know that this nation is under His judgment and no longer is being blessed.

No nation who is phony can know God. Mouthing's and no actions is a sign of a double-spirit which will be condemned to destruction.

Today, evil is called good and good is called evil by those of this nation. Was this foretold long ago to happen?

Hitler once told his stooges not to waste their time trying to indoctrinate the grown-ups and the elders. That he owns their children and their children will carry out the indoctrination of how he (Hitler) wants things to be done. The leaders of this nation have adopted Hitler's indoctrination strategies
by using the United Nations to carry out this subtle form of mind-twisting. UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science & Culture Organization)
has been in charge of the National Education Association of America (an illegal organization under the laws of our U.S. Constitution) dictating edicts and doctrines to be carried out by the NEA. UNESCO demands the doctrines of evil be carried out in all our schools, beginning with kindergarten on through college. Hence: murder (abortion), homosexuality, lesbianism, human-worship, mysticism, godlessness, and perversions all prohibited by nature and by nature's Creator, are demanded, by UNESCO, to be carried out or be prosecuted in the courts of evil.

You will notice that many of the federal and local judges who judge by fiat, are using International Law to decide their cases, totally by-passing our Constitution.

The newly appointed prospect to the Supreme Court has a background of racism against the Anglo-Saxon founding descendants of this nation, and also is a proponent of International Law.

How can such a person be seated on our highest court?

But she will because of the evil destroyers who control this nation's government.

None of this could have happened if there had not been a breakdown of families. The family, with husband leading his wife and children, a Bible in his right hand, and a copy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in the left, properly carrying out the husband's role according to the Way God provided within His Instruction Book.

Ed. Note: These statements represent the views of the writer, and their appearance here does not constitute endorsement or validation by this site. The writer's claims have not been verified.

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