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Why contribute to support this site and our mission?

We offer the information and resources you find at free of any charge or obligation, because we know that those who need this information the most simply cannot afford to pay for it.

We've been providing the information on this site for a couple of years as a labor of love, out of our own pockets, but we need your help to be able to continue our efforts.

We know there are many of you who would like to support our mission of empowering military members to create financial freedom for their families, while they continue to secure freedom for other families, both in America and elsewhere around the world. And we've heard from many of you, encouraging us and thanking us for making this information available to our military families for free. Your notes mean more to us than you know. They are our reward for our work.

Some are retired military members, who understand best what these families go through, and others are grateful Americans wanting to show their appreciation for our service members' service to our nation, or individuals in other nations who wish to thank our military families for the benefits they enjoy as a result of the assistance of the US military.

Share your success and show your appreciation

So, for those of you who are in a financial position that allows you to share your success with others, and who would like to help us with our mission of providing financial information to help military families achieve financial freedom, we have created a way for you to do so. You can buy us a cup of coffee to help keep us going, or maybe even a whole pot! Think how much more we could chatter if we were hyped up with a whole pot of coffee. And if you can do so on a weekly or monthly basis, that would be very helpful.

Or you could buy us lunch occasionally. Think about it this way -- if you were going to meet me at Starbucks or Denny's to pick my brain about how to stretch that military paycheck as far as possible, how to save money on everything you buy, how to save money on taxes, how to generate additional income, and how to invest safely for your future, wouldn't you pick up the tab for coffee or lunch in exchange for all that information shared with you? Of course you would! Well, now you can, virtually.

If you would like to contribute even more, we would be honored and humbled. Your contributions are processed through the secure servers at PayPal, so you can be confident that your account numbers are safe. We will never see them.

Please contribute to help us cover the costs associated with making this information available for our military families, so that those who need the information the most will be able to access it at no charge. Or, if you or your family have benefitted from information you've found here and you'd like to say "thanks," we'd sure appreciate it.

Benefit while helping others

Making a contribution to help others is a satisfying and empowering act. In doing so, we often get as much benefit from the gift as does the recipient. And there are many stories (beginning with the Bible) to support the idea that your gifts will be returned to you in multiples. You can enrich your own life while also enriching the lives of others.

So we ask you to consider whether you have reached a point in your life where you can afford to give back to those who help make it possible for you to achieve the American Dream.

Times are tough, money is tight

We realize that times are tough right now, and money is tight. That's exactly why we're making this appeal.

As the economy struggles, our military families, who often live paycheck-to-paycheck, struggle even more to make ends meet.

So if you are in a financial position to do so, we're asking you to please consider helping us to help them, by continuing to share ways they can stretch their paychecks further, and get their families out from under the burden of debt. Chances are, your family can benefit from our information, too.

One latte a month? One a week?

If you don't feel you can make the size contribution you'd like to at the moment, due to your own financial situation, we understand. You can still make a difference for our military families by making a continuing monthly contribution of a small amount.

Can you sacrifice one latte a month to help our military families? If so, you can contribute that $5 a month on an ongoing basis and help us reach more and more military families with our message of freedom from debt and long-term financial security.

If you can afford to contribute the cost of one latte a week, you can help us expand our efforts even faster with a recurring contribution of $20 a month.

Obviously, we welcome any contribution, of any size, and we appreciate your generosity to help us teach our military families to create a secure financial future. Your recurring gift will enable us to do a better job of budgeting to allocate resources in the most efficient manner.

Your contributions grow the site

We will use your contributions to help cover our operating expenses, so we can continue to grow this site and expand its outreach to our military families.

Teaching them to fish

Thank you so much for your continued interest in and support of, and especially for your interest in improving the quality of life for our military families. We believe in teaching them to fish, so they can benefit for their lifetime, rather than handing out fish, which only assists them for a short time. You can help us achieve that mission.

Please help us help our military families by giving generously right now to help support our mission.

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