Cocaine Fantasy

by Sgt. Hep, USMC

Mr. Kilmer,

Please be mature enough to apologize for your grievous indiscretion and then shut your mouth, forever.

As a former Marine, 84-09 90-91, I have buried brothers in arms. My 2 nephews are multi-tour Marine combat veterans from the Iraq war. We have buried their brothers too.

You have absolutely no idea what you are pontificating about. Also, I am and Engineer by college education, my nephews are college graduates also, a chemical biologist who tests the drugs we take and his brother is a computer scientist and criminal science dual-degree graduate. They were both ground pounding grunts in the USMC!

Your commentary about un-educated and abused young men is unfounded and incorrect. The incredible ingnorance of Hollywood shines as a beacon in the night once again. My family will never patronize one of your films again.

Why don't you move to Canada with that idiot Alec Baldwin. Oh, wait, that gutless big mouth didn't back up his threats either.

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