Chessani Not Guilty - Murtha Hospitalized

by Old Salt
(Somewhere on the Seven Seas)

Just heard that Murtha was hospitalized Sunday night with abdominal pains from a "gall bladder issue," according to his spokesman.

Guess he was really "galled" that the Board of Inquiry didn't find LtCol Chessani guilty of misconduct!

Thank God the Marines on that BOI had the good horse sense not to totally buckle to the politicos. Just wish they'd had a little more backbone, and exonerated the guy, as he deserved.

It's a shame this loyal Marine's career has to end this way. Chessani can hold his head high, though - Murtha is the one who should be slinking away in the night. Oh, wait, he just did. That's one politician we need to vote out at the next opportunity!

I'm glad the nightmare is over for Chessani and his family. Now they can enjoy Christmas and get on with their lives.

I'll bet there are companies lining up to offer this fine Marine a job.

Semper Fi, LtCol Chessani. We thank you for your loyal service to our country, keeping freedom safe for all the rest of us. And we especially thank you for your courage and grace throughout this, which must have been your toughest battle.

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