Casting The First Stone

by Renee

I think it's sad that an article from a fashion magazine can cause grown ups to act so irresponsibly. Who says this trash is even true. Do you believe everything you read. If so there's a dolphin in Equador that has the head of a human being, he's a DJ at a local night club. If you go there, he'll sign an autograph for you. It's got to be true, I read it in a magazine.

Ed.note: Renee, did you read the updates, or Kilmer's response? See Esquire's statement.

There are magazines, and there are magazines. "Fashion Magazine" or not. Accepting the validity of something published by a magazine of the reputation and caliber of Esquire, is not the same as accepting the validity of something published by some other less-reputable magazines.

We took the time and trouble to get statements from both Mr. Kilmer and Esquire with regard to this issue.

Now who's acting irresponsibly?

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Feb 11, 2009
What is your problem Ms Editor?
by: Renee

How ridiculous to infer that I am acting irresponsibly. I too am an editor of a highly respected magazine. I would never impose such chidish responses on our readers. Neither would I invite this type of forum over something that someone "supposedly" said. Where is your professionalism?

Ed. Note: "How ridiculous to infer that I am acting irresponsibly." Isn't that what your first comment implied we were doing?

That was pretty much our reaction to your comment that anyone here was acting irresponsibly. Our professionalism is demonstrated in the fact that we contacted both sides and requested clarification for our readers, who obviously are quite interested in this topic.

I would imagine that you also cover topics of interest to your own readers. As the editor of a highly-respected magazine, I'm sure you're aware that it is standard practice to record interviews, and to have an independent research staff verify quotes prior to publication.

Perhaps you would provide us with the appropriate response to someone whose sole purpose in posting was to mock not only us, but our readers as well?

It is time for Americans to stand up and defend our Vietnam veterans against the cruel and baseless lies that have been repeated for the past 40+ years.

Feb 12, 2009
The Source
by: Renee

Just because you took the time to contact someone doesn't give you the right to print something that still has not been verified directly to you from the source.

As an editor I am surprised that you have taken what someone said as gospel when you know the only true, verifiable source is talking to the subject yourself. Most stories are run over and over from a single source and much like playing telephone line--whispering from one ear to the other--when you get to the end of the line, it is totally different than what was started. You still have not spoken with Mr. Kilmer and are only posting third hand information. As this is your venue and you obviously have to have the last word, have it, I will not respond again. This has been a waste of time and energy.

Ed. note:Thank you, Renee, for joining our conversation. No, I have not heard directly from Mr. Kilmer. He chose to respond through an assistant.

However, the Editor-in-Chief of Esquire responded directly to me, and I printed his response verbatim. That is not third-hand information. That is directly from "the source."

Since you obviously haven't read it, I'll tell you here: The Editor-in-Chief of Esquire has confirmed, directly to me, that the interview was tape recorded, and the quotes were confirmed with the tape by the magazine's research staff prior to their initial publication.

As an editor, I rely on verified facts, as you recommend.

Feb 13, 2009
Renee Is Correct
by: Michael

I would like to back up what Renee said with a little evidence of my own.

Michael, since this thread is rather long, we've moved it. You now have your own page.

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