Can former Navy Reservist not in uniform salute the Flag?

by Ruby Kamaka
(Daly City, CA, USA)

As a former Naval Reservist, I never served on Active Duty other than the annual 2 weeks of ACDUTRA.

For the purposes of saluting the FLAG, am I considered a veteran and can therefore salute the Flag and the National Anthem according to the new rules?


Ruby, you point out a distinction many (non-military) people are not even aware of. For purposes of determining eligibility for VA benefits, those who served in the Guard and Reserves without the required minimum active duty do not fall within the definition of "veterans" for those purposes.

However, for other non-legal purposes, all those who have served in uniform are considered veterans. I think the overwhelming majority of people (at least those who care) would consider you a veteran and agree that you have earned the right to salute our flag. I can't imagine that anyone would object to your showing your respect for our country and our flag by rendering a salute.

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Hats off to you!!
by: Ruby

Your comments were welcomed and lit me up. I have felt sad
when I stood at attention and gave the "civilian" salute when watching our flag walk by in a parade. Now I will PROUDLY and happily render a salute. Oh happy days....!!

Thanks so very much,

Ruby, thank YOU for your willingness to serve our country, and for your participation in our conversation about saluting the flag. I hope your question will help clarify the issue for other reservists and guardsmen.

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