Calibre of Vietnam Vets

by Bob "Gibbo" Gibson

Janet and Mates,

Thank you all for defending the calibre of people most Vietnam veterans are. Around the world, from the USA, New Zealand and Australia, our bond is strong and un-breakable.

Yes, for 40 yrs we have been portrayed as baby killers, sub-human, and un-caring humans by Hollywood and its movies on Vietnam, all make believe.

It was nice to see through his assistant that Mr Val Kilmer has responded to these charges that he made such comments, but it would have been BETTER if he would have taken the time to answer these allegations himself. We vets and supporters didn't ask anybody to respond on our behalf, but we have always defended ourselves and our brother mates.

Janet, sadly the great General "Westy Moreland" isn't with us today, but was back in 1986 when we met him in Chicago. He was doing what he had always done since his return from the Vietnam war - defending his men & women who he was commander of in Vietnam during my tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968.

If these comments prove to be true, and we are all waiting for the writer of the article to respond & that will give both sides to the story, then the Good General would have been the very first to jump to our defence on this matter of Honour & integrity.

JANET, thank you very much for being such a fair Administrator in this matter and we are all closer to the TRUTH.

Bob "Gibbo" Gibson
Aussie Vietnam vet
Infantry Rifleman Nov 1967-Oct 1968
1St Australian Task Force-Nui Dat. D&E Platoon. Survivor of Battle for Firebase "Coral' May 13th, 1968 Bien Hoa, Bear Cat SVN.
Please take a look at:, built by another Aussie Vietnam veteran

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