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We strive to be a trusted and indispensable resource for our military families, and hope you find something here that is useful for your family.

We're proud and honored that our efforts on behalf of America's military service members and their families have been recognized with these awards:

Veterans Advantage Site of Distinction

April 11, 2008 -- We were honored to find the following in our e-mail this morning:

We would like to honor you for your work honoring United States Servicemen and women and their families. Your efforts to help military families deal with all of the financial burdens are a great service to veterans, our troops and the nation.

For being chosen as a Site of Distinction, your website, and all the good that your organization does will be linked to the Site of Distinction main page and your site will remain on our website for an entire year. Please feel free to display your Site of Distinction medal on your website to show the world that your hard work is recognized and honored.

Congratulations, and thank you for all that you do to serve those who serve the nation.

Allison Rodney
Veterans Advantage

81 Holly Hill Lane
Greenwich, CT 06830

Navy Bos'n Pipe Award

October 3, 2007 -- Imagine our delight to receive the following note this morning:

"Chief Boatswains Mate Dave Campbell, USN (Ret.), of '' is proud to present the Navy Bos'n Pipe Award to

The Pipe Award is presented to worthy web sites which show Excellence on a Naval Theme or Military Theme. Your web site has demonstrated Excellence in every way as it honors those who have served our Nation in the past, present and future.

The Navy Boatswain’s Mate keeps all hands posted on the Daily Routine of the Ship by the familiar 'Calls'.

We are proud to announce your selection, and to recognize your tireless efforts and hard work with this award. It will announce to all hands the distinction your web site has earned. You are hereby authorized to proudly display this award on your site."

Navy Bosn Award for Excellence

Wow! Although we've only been online for seven short months, we already have readers from around the world, and we're honored that our hard work has been noticed and recognized by Thanks, Chief!

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