Attempted phishing phone call from "TriCare" at 305-300-8989

by Loring

I received a call with caller ID "Camelia Guerra", 305-300-8989 at 1632 EDT on 2 May 2015.

The caller hesitated to speak after I answered the phone (background noises sounded like a call center), then asked to speak to "Mr. Loring" (my first name).

He then identified himself as a representative of Tricare, but then started to ask me whether I was covered by Tricare.

I immediately terminated the conversation, telling the caller that, had he been a representative of Tricare, he wouldn't be asking me such a question.

I told him I believed his call to be fraudulent and hung up.

Loring, we thank you for writing to warn other military members and families about this scam.

Please also call your local law enforcement and give them this information, so they can try to catch this person before some military families give out personal information and possibly health information, and beccome victims of identity theft or worse.

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