Ask the Vietnamese General

by Richard
(Berlin, CT)

Richard writes:

Ask the Vietnamese General - I believe his name is Gaap, he was in charge at Deim Phau and the head general for NVA during "The American War". He said they could never have won on the ground but had to win in the American streets.

"If you don't support victory you don't support the troops."

If you don't support winning you are saying that risking your life isn't as important as my not being discomforted by have to watch war on TV. There were a lot of PTSD cases in the US because they had to watch the horror of war on TV. Please.

You have the self-proclaimed "War Hero" John Kerry who had self-inflicted wounds for one of his self-requested purple hearts. He was doing his JFK impression. The difference: JFK stayed and Kerry ran.

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