Another Hollywood Know-It-All

by Kerry Pardue
(Chandler, AZ)

Doc Pardue left front

Doc Pardue left front

Mr. Kilmer, not sure were you were during the Vietnam era or after. I quess you were past the point after the draft was over.

I was not one of those who was dumb, beaten, poor, or down-trodden. I was just a proud American who thought he could do something for his Country...I did and am very proud of that service.

I was a medic with a Recon Platoon in the Delta with the 9th Infantry in 1968-1969. You have no way of knowing what we went through so that you could have the right to become what you want to do and the freedom to pursue your life.

Men and women who have served gave that to you. You might be good at memorizing something but you are just an actor who is clueless about what we did or were faced with. Please don't talk about us as you have no background to do so.

You want to find out what it is like? How about joining and going to war and then decide to speak about it - then maybe I might listen...but you are clueless...

Doc Pardue

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