Another Day - Another Freedom Lost

by Lori
(Concerned US Citizen)

Lori writes:

I feel like I am having to write and call my House and Senate members several times a week; sometimes a couple times a day. I am doing it because our voices need to be heard.

Sadly, our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit each day. In my opinion, both conservative and liberal politicians have not been looking out for the best interests of the American people for several years.

I hope:

  • that others that have never contacted their elected officials will do so now.

  • that others who are not even paying attention to the news will check back in.

  • that people will attend their local town hall meetings.

  • that people will simply find a way to be involved also on a state level.

We can still effect change on a local and state level which impacts us all on a federal level.

It's not too late - yet.

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