America Is Headed The Wrong Direction

by Charles Atkins
(Waleska, Georgia U.S.A.)

The rules and laws are written plainly. Actions such as this prove that the Obama administration has no regard for the rule of law.

My first question to Congressman Carter and to all the Republicans who truly want to make a difference in this matter would be, "Why do you all not just simply vote against these blind bills"?

I know that "simplicity" is looked down upon in America today. This nation MUST return to simplicity and common sense to survive.

We have all heard the phrase "That is too simple therefore it won't work". My friends, that is a bunch of B.S.

The politicians who are stealing our Country from us wants everyone to believe this statement so that they accept the over complicated Bills that they push through with all these hidden agendas buried deep inside.

If we the people will stand up and DEMAND these things change, we can see a difference.Keep sitting back and watching to see what will happen though and it WILL be too late and as the text says there will be no Country left to change.

The American people need to Demand that these politicians who are backing this administration's attempt to steal this country lose their jobs.

Then they need to tell these representatives that they will only serve one term and then have to return home to face the people who sent them there. This, in my opinion, would change a lot of things.

Americans in the past voted successful business people in to office to represent them. Men who had succeeded in the REAL WORLD and proven themselves to have great judgment and Leadership abilities.

Now we have people representing us (and one in the White House) that have never had to accomplish anything in the real world.

These politicians have no idea what the average American goes through to try and make a living.T hey live in their own plush little world and their every need and want is catered to.


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by: Tenpa

I would be very interested in those people who complain about everything the Democrats are doing or wish to accomplish.

Where were they 8 years ago when the then administration decided to invade Iraq. And now look at all the consequences. AlQuaida and the taliban are so much stronger and all the losss we suffered.

Think about that and compare these to all your complaining.

by: Anonymous

Take a good look at what we have as a government. The 2-party system is not working.

Greed has taken over government, and it is so tight we cannot break the chain. We can put honest people in office, and they learn quickly they are a nobody unless they sit down and do what they are told.

We need to establish a third party to break the two-party chain. This way they can't make back-room deals to get what they want.

Some Americans have such strong feelings, they become incensed if you say anything derogatory about their party. We are just adding ammo to the fire on the Hill. What a mess!

We are all Americans. Let's stop the greed in our lives and our government before it's too late.

We have got to think about our forefathers, and remember "In God We Trust." Stop the small groups from leading the larger ones.

We still have hope if WE THE PEOPLE can voice our distrust in the government.

Question: Who do you think got our country in this mess? Pick one: You? The government? Both is not acceptable, because you were not there when they passed the laws.

We lose - both ways.

Preston W. Athey
US Navy vet

by: Tenpa

There is simple, and there is simplistic.

There is real and then there is REALITY.
That is what Mr. Atkins is proposing.

Wake up....Stand up.... our country is being stolen..... business people know how to run a government.

The problem is GREED. Greed has been around for as long as there have been humans on this planet. If people are not born with greed in them they become greedy at one point or another.

To criticize is easy and to make up stories even easier. It depends on the listener. We all have seen how easy it is to manipulate an audience.

I just wish that all of us would take a moment and reflect on whether what we hear, see or read makes sense, the common sense way.

Tenpa, you make a good point. Unfortunately for our country, common sense isn't so common any more.

Our children are deliberately being conditioned not to think for themselves. I thought about that as I sat at a traffic light the other day. In the lane next to me, and slightly in front, was a 'soccer mom' in a big SUV. In the back seat, I could see the kids watching a video or TV, totally oblivious to the world around them.

Remember how we used to entertain bored kids in the car by playing games with them that increased their awareness of their environment, causing them to scan for various objects, or to look at the license plates of the car in front of them to see where they were from? Try playing one of those 'lame' games with today's electronic-saturated kids.

Unfortunately, we are developing generations who expect outside stimuli to keep them occupied and entertained at every waking moment. There is no time for thought or observation of the world around them, or reflection on anything.

Their minds get no exercise. They don't know how to think. How will they solve problems in their lives? By looking to someone else (like an Obamessiah) to 'take care of it' for them so they don't have to think. And that's exactly how he got elected!

Wake up, America! Stop turning your kids into mindless zombies. They won't survive as thoughtless robots who don't know how to do anything but play video games. Get them out of the virtual world and into the real one!

common sense
by: Tenpa

Common sense and compassion. All this has disappeared.

The latest is one that gets my blood boiling. As a Korean War Veteran, I have a strong reaction to the Republican obstruction in discussion of a bill pertaining to homeless veterans, some that do go back to the Korean war.

We hear so much propaganda about what the Obama administration will do.... only to scare our people. Sen. Boehner has incited the people by his verbiage against the President. And he dares to use the word SHAME. Shame on him.

The Republicans lost the election. So, get ready for the next one but remain positive. The likes of Rush and Hannity pour oil on the fire and inflame the crowd.

All those who "sport" openly their weapons, join the Marines and do something positive and DEFEND our country, instead of strutting around with a 45 hanging......

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