75th Ranger Charlie Company Vietnam 1968-1969

by Pamela Comstock
(LaGrande, Oregon USA)

I am the wife of a VietNam Vet, and I am angry at this arrogant egotistical wannabe.

I emailed his web site and his lackeys emailed back (they call themselves "friends of Val") with a message of Mr. Kilmer having never said those things, etc. etc. My response to Kilmers web site was that he should sure the heck bring a class act. lawsuit against Esquire as Kilmer certainly has the money to do so.

Of course I never heard from them after my email, as we all know what was said during his interview and Esquire stands by it.

I emailed his website with the message of my husband being a special force veteran, who was not abused by his father, was not uneducated, played football in school, certainly was not a punk and wanted to enlist in the Army and go to Ranger school. He did enlist and made the grade for Ranger school, which I highly doubt Kilmer could have done.

My husband was in many combat situations, and I was lucky he came home. After coming home to a country who pretty much ignored our vets, he resumed a normal life, did not become a drunk, or a drug user. He and several other Rangers did manage to get together after about 30 years. All were married, had careers and were as normal as the next guy.

The one thing that they did have that could not be shared with anyone else was the experience they had in combat, and the ties that bound them together.

Kilmer would never have been allowed into their heads, and any combat vet knows what I mean. He does not have a clue what a combat vet went through, and to say a Vietnam Vet is a punk is vile. The definition of a punk is someone who is inexperienced, insignificant, and inferior. Mr. Kilmer is certainly a punk as he is definitely inferior to any combat vet I have ever known.

Mrs. David E. Comstock
LaGrande, Oregon

Ed. note: Thank you, Pamela, for posting, and for your husband's service. Please tell him "Welcome Home, and Thank You!" from grateful Americans.

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"Class Act"
by: Ken Delfino

First off, I join MMM in thanking your husband for his service.

Second, I thank you and everyone else who has given input on this matter.

Third, Mr. Kilmer has an opportunity...tomorrow night in front of his peers and a national TV audience...to either 1. publicly state that Esquire is, in fact lying and will file a suit against them for libel OR 2. if the story is true, then publicly apologize to the men and women he has offended with those comments.

The ball is in your court, Mr. Kilmer.

God Bless America for we are...One Nation Under God!

Ken Delfino
Colfax, CA
United States Navy (ret)
RivDiv 533, TF-116 (PBRs)

You can not comprehend or represent a soldier!
by: Reginald Salinas

Val Kilmer's comments are utterly ignorant. His contemptous arrogance is completely unforgiveable.

I served with Charlie Co 75th Rangers in 1969 and many of us in that Army were draftees. We decided to serve our country regardless of politics. I can assure you, Mr. Kilmer, that the term punk more aptly fits YOU!

I grew up in the ghettos of Detroit and East LA and yet I found it within myself to CHOOSE the US ARMY as a honorable career and served for 30 years. I spent years in the US Army 75th Ranger Battalions (1st & 3rd Bn and Regimental Recon). I also served in 7th Special Forces.

I always considered my service as a privilege and can say with confidence and pride. You, sir, can NOT possibly comprehend what I and my fellow soldiers experienced in life or the military. And you assuredly can NEVER represent us.

Reginald Salinas
US Army, Special Forces (Retired)

Reginald, thank you for your service, and Welcome Home!

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