World War II Vets and VA Disability Benefits

by Johnny
(San Pablo, CA)

There are those World War II veterans who have risked their lives and were injured on active duty. I personally spent over a year in the hospital after being transferred from Germany.

I was wondering if the VA disability rating system is fair. Do you believe a 10% VA disability rating is fair after spending over a year in the hospital from an active duty injury?

Should there be an extension of VA disability benefits for our families, after all they take care of us now?

Have the World War II Vets been forgotten? Our families who now take care of us in our older age is what I consider military veterans as well.

It is not an easy job taking care of the elderly, especially when they honor your wishes by not putting you into a rehab home, and they may not be in good shape themselves. I hope someone looks into this, as our extended families are so deserving of military or VA benefits. Even my 4 year old great grandson tries to help me.

There appears to be a separation of long ago war time from the reality of living after the war. My active war time duty was back then, my family's active duty is now, and everything in between was seeking the peace.

God's war has already been won, when does man jump on board and look out for one another?

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