What election? Not likely to happen

by Simelius

Simelius, of "Washinton" says, "I am certain there will be no 2008 presidential election -- martial law will be declared by Nov 2008 to postpone elections indefinitely.

Therefore we need a bet to represent "no election will take place". I'll bet $4.5 million on that bet the moment it opens up for betters.

Why? Because if Bush gets kicked out now, then there was no purpose for the US gov't doing 9/11. Simple logic."

Editor's note: We're not quite sure what the writer means by 'the US gov't doing 9/11.' Is he/she suggesting that the US gov't carried out the attacks on 9/11 despite all the evidence to the contrary, or does he/she mean the gov't response to the 9/11 attacks. And where would this "bet" be placed? We attempted to contact the writer to clear up these questions, but the e-mail address provided rejected our e-mail with a note saying "no such address." What a surprise.

And we don't follow the "logic" at all, so it must not be that simple.

Anyone care to respond? We can't figure out what the writer is saying, so it's impossible for us to respond. If you have it figured out, we'd like to hear from you.

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I don't have a clue!
by: Claudia Broome

I am a bit concerned about this post. It is scary and like you, I have no idea what he or she means but I don't like it.

what election?
by: Anonymous

what this writer means is the us government is planning a fals flag atack to start a martial law and stop the election. new world order folks?

Anonymous, what have you been smoking? This is beyond ridiculous.

by: Anonymous#2

Anonymous is absoloutely correct!!

Are you two smoking your underwear, or drinking your bath water?

Anyone else care to chime in and tell me I live in a tree?

There WILL be an election. Do you think for a nanosecond the Democrats would stand for anything to get in the way of anointing their new Obamessiah?

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