We Need President McCain

by JJ Skip Lind
(Phoenix, AZ)

Skip writes:

It is unbelievable to me how so many Americans can be fooled by rhetoric that BHO is qualified to be President and CINC (Commander-in-Chief).

Look at what he has accomplished and not at what he says.

There is almost nothing to judge him on except his judgment during the campaign. He didn't listen to the military commanders about the surge (very dangerous for someone with ZERO military experience or background). He initially said he would negotiate with rogue nations without preconditions and called for equal constraint for the Georgians after Russia invaded their sovereign nation (showing great naiveté on international matters).

Our country is in crisis at home and at war around the world.

JSM has demonstrated in both his military career and his political career that he will fight and prevail for our country.

We need someone who is proven, not an unknown who is hopeful. We need President John McCain.

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