Vote with Common Sense

by JHL

Americans must vote with Common Sense!

After 9/11, there are many people who can't vote their heart. So I hope you will be the first to tell the family members of 9/11 victims and each Soldier who's lost their life, that your heart voted instead of your common sense.

Please read this article and then tell me to vote my heart.

Avoiding four years of McCain cannot be worth four years of terrorist attacks on OUR HOME LAND & ABROAD KILLING MORE AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed. note: This comment was originally submitted in response to Vote from your Heart, a comment from Joseph in Ghana. We decided to create a new page, however, in order to elevate the discussion. Please click below to submit your comments.

Comments for Vote with Common Sense

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Be an Informed Voter
by: HP

I agree with JHL; we must vote with common sense and be fully informed of who the candidates are and what they really stand for.

The media is obscuring the truth about Obama, witholding anything that might be perceived as less than perfect about their "chosen one" -- and providing analysis of McCain and Palin that is totally one-sided and dead wrong.

The press takes pleasure in blaming Bush and the Republicans for the financial mess we are in, when in fact this all began with the Democrats. Then they refused to put controls in place that McCain and the Republicans were demanding.

I've heard some Republicans call Obama a tax and spend liberal, but he is much worse than that. We need to know who is behind him and where the money supporting him really comes from and how much of it is illegal.

The worst thing about Obama is that he has never done anything. Yes, he has a fine education; Harvard Law School, etc. (And oh, by the way, who paid for all of that?)

He has never been in charge of anything; has no leaqdership experience in any field and has only been in the US Senate for a little over three years and most of that time he has spent running for the presidency.

This is a man that bases every decision he makes on how it will benefit him and/or improve his public persona. He is a glib "know-it-all" that has the gift of being able to read a tele-prompter with remarks prepared by someone else. I wonder if he has ever had an original thought!

He also has had many undesirable associations throughout his life. It doesn't make sense that he would associate with the likes of Jeremiah Wirght, Bill Ayers, et al and not have similar feelings and aspirations. We associate ourselves with people of the same ilk.

Racism is evident in many of these characters and they do not hide the fact that they hate whites. There are many great black people in our society, but few, if any, of them are associated with Obama.

Please do your own research and let's find out who Obama really is so we can make an informed vote.

We know who John McCain is and what he stands for. He has spent his entire life defending and supporting our country and our freedoms and will continue to do that as our president. He is not perfect and has made many mistakes along the way, but he always owns up to them.

We may not agree with every position he takes, but we know that whatever he does, he will do what is in the best interest of the USA.

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