Vietnam Vet and Proud, Responding to Val Kilmer's Comments

by Ken Beck
(Salisbury, NC USA)

experience it or shut up

experience it or shut up

To Punk Actor Val Kilmer,

I am a Vietnam Veteran and very proud.

Yes, I made the football team, baseball team on a full-ride scholarship at a private university.

I gave up that free ride to be a Marine, with
anticipation of being sent to Vietnam.

I lost many friends and fellow Marines there.

My Dad didn't beat me, my Mother did, when I deserved it.

This little journey of mine was 1967, 1968, and 1969. I thank God every day, I made it home a far better person than I would have been, I am sure.

Truthfully, I think actors can not find another job - not all actors, but some.

Would you please send me an autographed photo, I want to put it next to Hanoi Jane's photo and do what I do daily to it. I take diuretics and I pee a whole lot, other friends do much more.

I think maybe you are a jealous punk wanna-be Val Kilmer, but don't have the balls to go for the real thing.

Good luck if you run for Gov. - that is the perfect job for you...

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Jan 09, 2012
Proud Sister of Veterans
by: Anonymous

As a proud sister of 2 brothers who served in Viet Nam and another brother who is a retired Lt. Cmdr from the Navy, I am very proud of my brothers and the sacrifices they made.

Incidentally, my one brother is a retired Colonel from the Army and 2 more brothers served in the Navy and Marines respectively.

Because of them, and many others like them, I am living in a free country.

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