Val Kilmer, Make-believe is Not Reality!

by C Dutra
(Lodi, CA USA)

Val Kilmer, make-believe is not reality! Your comments make me wonder if you know the difference.

Unless you have or have had issues with low self- esteem, self confidence etc. and it was suggested to you (to help you) that you always tell and remind yourself how GREAT you are - PERIOD - regardless of the situation at hand, there really is no excuse. If you truly believe that you are better or know the roll or part better than the soldiers that were there fighting, then you are delusional!!!(Edited for this family web-site).

Have you only watched or have only seen Hollywood's remakes of previous battles and wars we have fought? You must not know anybody or have had any close family that had served in Vietnam, or any war for that matter.

You might be wondering who I am to be so opinionated and bothered by this comment? I am a 51 year old female from California.

My father was a Naval Officer, my aunt was a military nurse and my uncle was a Naval Medic. Both were stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. The only time they would talk about it is when I would ask them questions. Since I was the one interested in what they had to say, I always paid attention and listened when they would talk about it.

I also remember (from the time I can remember) my dad calling me his little night owl,
because if I knew there was going to be a military or war-type movie on tv, I would stay awake, or wake up to watch it. Not the norm for a 6- to 7- year old little girl.

Apocalypse Now was my favorite movie. Also not the norm for a (then) teenage girl. Watching every other war depicted movie in between. I thought I was emotionally affected by watching the recreation of past battles and wars until I watched the never-before-seen, now shown in color, actual footage from WWII.

Seeing for real, watching actual footage (not Hollywood remake) took me to a whole 'nother level of complete and total respect, admiration, gratefulness, thankfulness, and AWE of our past and present military soldiers.

I was 12 years old when all the Vietnam Soldiers were scheduled to be out of Vietnam for good. I was soooo happy for all military soldiers, until I saw how the civilians (some of them) treated them when they returned home to USA. Watching the soldiers returning home on TV and seeing Vietnam veterans spit on, etc., made me nauseous and sick to my stomach, wishing I was in a position to make it right to all veterans. Especially VIETNAM VETERANS.

My one wish in life (if I had one) would be to make sure that all veterans that have fought in combat for the USA, not have to struggle or fight for, or go without life's basic comforts. EVER - NOT EVER!

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