Val Kilmer is Not That Person

by Ken Delfino
(Colfax, CA)

The people of New Mexico deserve an INTELLIGENT and MATURE candidate to replace Mr. Richardson.

Val Kilmer is not that person...unless, of course, New Mexicans hold the same views of veterans as he does.

Regardless, John Francois Kerry learned the hard way how veterans who love our country came together and made his campaign miserable.

The same can be done for this thespian and I look forward to the confrontations.

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Feb 08, 2009
Val Kilmer is Not that Person
by: John E. Cleckner Sr

Everyone in America knows what a jerk Val Kilmer made out of himself by bad mouthing the most incredible generation of men and women that ever fought and died for this Country.

The Vietnam Veterans....

I spent a lot of time in South East Asia and most of it was fighting my ass off trying to stay alive and kill as many bad guys as I could, and I killed a lot.

I was a high school athlete who could have gone to any college and played sports. I decided to join the Military and make that MY PROFESSION, in my opinion the MOST honorable Profession in America. In the process of serving in SE Asia I was wounded six times. I wear three purple hearts. I am not telling you this so you think I am anything special. I am telling you this because I was just one of the guys who was there and there were a hellova lot of guys who made me look average. Of course stupid doesn't have a clue as to what I am referring to.

I am talking about heroes. I know that is an over used word today, but in my day during the 15 years my unit spent in Vietnam, first as ADVISORS and later Force Multipliers, we were the cream of the crop, yes the crème de la crème of MEN.

The men I am talking about walked on water and didn't scare the fish.

They were fearless, motivated, most with college degrees and some with advanced degrees, physically they were magnificent specimens equaling the Spartan mystic.

Intellectually superior with leadership abilities far beyond anything mortal man could ever imagine.

Men who were young and aggressive, who by military standards should have been privates, yet who lead hundreds of men into combat. Yes, Leading them as Captains and Colonels and even Generals would do. Yet these men did this and were successful, yet unknown to mortal man in their home country, because they were the "QUIET PROFESSIONALS."

They wore Gold Rolex Watches, Blue Safire rings. Carried special knives, Would go anywhere and do anything when their Country asked them to.

Sooooo, now that I have made my point. Oh and by the way, they were also the coolest guys, the smoothest guys, the best dancers, dressers, bad asses and Pinochle players in the world.

Men who, in five seconds in their company would have made VAL sh** in his pants, accomplished more and did more for humanity and the world than any group of men ever assembled in the history of mankind. And this was just in SE Asia. This does not count what they have done in every other corner of the World.

I am 71, still good looking, and ready for someone who has connections with this SOB OR ANYONE IN HIS ENTOURAGE, to invite him into my AO and I will personally kick his ass all the way back to the Land of Enchantment.

Oh, and I have 7 college degrees.



John E. Cleckner Sr.
(Father of John II currently serving in AE, his 40th deployment)
Major, United States Army Special Forces Retired
Redding, CA

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