'Twas the Night Before Christmas (My Version)

by SSG John Spencer
(Mannheim, Germany)

(My version…)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the world,
Stood the guardians of Freedom, some young and some old.

Their rifles were spotless and zeroed with care,
Looking for the danger they know will be there.

They fear for their children at home in their beds,
Yearning for the touch of a kiss on their heads.

And there I was, prepared for the fight,
Wondering when the evil of war would ignite.

When out of the dust there arose such a clatter,
I swiveled around to see what was the matter.

Outside the window I saw a huge flash,
The air tasted rancid, of fuel and of trash.

The sound of my comrades cries in the air,
Sent chills down my spine, to cold to bare.

When, what to my angered eyes should appear,
But a valiant young Soldier, showing no fear!

With bullets whizzing over his head,
I knew in a moment the bad guys were dead.

Out of the smoke, more Soldiers they came,
Young warriors who knew that this was no game.

We deftly maneuvered, aiming to kill,
Secretly saddened by the blood that we spill.

After the battle, on edge and so tired,
We relive the moments each bullet was fired.

Back at the FOB, I lay down and stare,
Thinking of all of the reasons I’m there.

Wiping my face with my own bloodied glove,
I think of my family and all of their love.

I think of their faces with a tear in my eye,
Glad that today was not my turn to die.

I think of America, and all of her beauty,
Honored to serve her, it’s not just my duty.

As I lay in my bed thinking of Christmas,
I smile from the thought of the joy that it brings us.

I know you can’t hear me, but I’m just out of sight,

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

This is a poem I wrote for all my fellow Troops! I am proud of you all!

SSG John Spencer
26 November 2010

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by: J. C.

Thank you so much for posting this here. This is a very touching poem.

It gives a small insight into a Soldier's thoughts under such a great crossroad in his/her life ... Can I do this?... Am I really here? Is this really happening to me?

What a high honor it is to have brave Soldiers in our family...my sons. The last time our youngest son was in Iraq he gave up much...by way of brain injuries, hearing loss, nightmares that don't go away...medication or not.

Many have given much... many have given their very lives. I love the part about not serving because it was his duty...but because of his love for our country, etc.

Thank you, John! God bless you and may you never have to be in that situation again...but thank you for the bravery, courage, and service you gave for all of us.

JC, thank you for taking the time to respond to John's poem. We agree, it gives a unique perspective into a soldier's thoughts.

Please thank your sons for their service, and tell them, especially your youngest, that their service to our country will never be forgotten by millions of patriots. We stand ready to help him whenever he needs us.


Thank you for sharing your outstanding poem with our readers. And thank you for your service to our nation. We agree, it's an honor to wear the uniform of the United States of America.

Please share our message of thanks with all your fellow soldiers. Let them know the sacrifices they and their families make are not forgotten by fellow patriots.

Happy Holidays to all of you, and may you enjoy the blessings of Christmas and make it safely home.

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