Try an Escape TO Reality

by Geoffrey Presson
(Umatilla, Florida)

Real Top Gun

Real Top Gun

Dear Val,

You and your fellow actors, with a few exceptions, have no knowledge about real things. Why should you? You have spent your whole adult life pretending to be someone else.

In your movies, you and your liberal contemporaries have promoted violence and irresponsible use of firearms, but are the first to demand that responsible citizens' rights to keep and bear arms should be infringed so that society can be a "better place". You make tons of money portraying "heroes" like Iceman.

I have always given those like you the benefit of doubt, but you have now let us know what you're really about. It sure isn't pretty.

The men and women of our armed forces, past, present and future, are the best and the brightest. Even during peacetime, but especially in wartime, they put their lives in jeopardy just so that pretenders like you can live in a safe and secure environment.

You will never know what it is like to truly serve your nation. You will only know what it is like to profit from the sacrifices others have made.

You are truly out of touch with the principles and sacrifices that make this nation great. Your arrogant comments mark you as one who will never, ever escape TO reality.

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