The Right/Left Politics Game


Forget the rhetoric about Democrat vs Republican, Left vs Right and let’s concentrate on Right vs Wrong.

What is happening to America did not happen overnight. It has been a slow, methodical effort for decades by those with money and power.

I am not a veteran, but every generation in my family back to 1650 has fought for the freedom of our nation. I was raised to honor God and Country and that’s why I hope this will be heard.

Have you ever gotten a robocall prior to an election saying “Hi, I’m Joe Blow running for office, and I’m a liberal progressive”?

Have you noticed after every primary the speeches are all about “unity”?

Then once in office, have you noticed those officials voting for the same legislation you were trying to avoid? That’s because being in politics is a career, not a service to this country and they will use the right/left paradigm against you as long as you will allow it.

We’re weeks away from the general election and I’m asking every single person who reads this to forget their political affiliation and vote on principle ONLY. (Can you imagine what would happen if we all registered Independent?)

I have listened to both sides bitch and moan about all that is wrong here in Kansas and then watched them all vote their party ticket. My county clerk bragged that she always votes a straight Republican ticket and I wasn’t sure whether to give her my sympathies or knock her head off!

This is the very reason the term “sheeple” came into being! Quit listening to the campaign ads, reading the rhetoric in the newspaper or on the internet and start doing your own research!

Our state sent four elected officials to D.C. in 2010, and only one has voted according to the Constitution. He won’t vote for a bill if he is not given time to read it. He can’t be bought. His peers are saying all the right things, but if you dig deep into their voting records you will see that their actions do not match their words. I know Kansas is not alone in this game.

WAKE UP, AMERICA – our time is running out.

Well said, KSPatriot. Let's hope enough people listen.

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