Money Matters for Military Families

Are you ready to "take command" of your financial future?

Then you're in the right place. was created just for America’s military families, because, quite simply, YOUR MONEY MATTERS!

You'll find information about basic "Money Matters" important to every military family, like . . .

  • How to make that military paycheck go farther
  • How to easily pay off all your debt - on your current income!
  • How to legally eliminate your credit card debt on your own - without falling for a scam that just wants more of your money.
  • How to legally reduce your income taxes - significantly!
  • How to plan and save for retirement.

You're constantly bombarded by advertisements for military payday loans, military debt consolidation loans, "guaranteed financing for E-1 and up" by your friendly used-car lot just outside the gates, and other offers that are made to sound like great deals. Unfortunately, most of those are scams designed to help the company offering them more than you and your family.

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You need someone to help you sort through the maze of information out there, and weed out those scams designed to separate you from your hard-earned money. We know military families don't have excess cash to waste on schemes and scams. We'll help you sort those out, and provide you with the information you need to make wiser financial decisions to help you reach your goal of financial freedom and security.

Financial problems encountered by military families are somewhat different from those experienced by other families, simply as a result of the military lifestyle you've chosen (along with the choices Uncle Sam makes for you).

How do you know you can trust this information?

As a Navy wife, I've been in the same position as many of you, trying to make that military paycheck stretch far enough. I've had to write letters to the landlord, utilities, and other creditors to explain that our payments would be late that month (and maybe next) because Congress was still engaged in partisan arguments over the Defense Authorization Act and we weren't getting paid because the Defense Department was "out of money" until it passed. Yes, that really happened.

Later, as a Navy JAG attorney, I frequently counseled military families needing help with their financial difficulties. Their money problems ranged from simple inexperience at creating and living within a budget, to being overwhelmed by credit card debt, to being deliberately taken advantage of in financial transactions because they were military members.

Businesses that prey on military members and their families are disgraceful. But they do exist. Sometimes what they do is illegal; sometimes it isn't. We'll help you learn how to spot them, and how to protect yourself.

The right kind of financial education will help you combat or avoid those problems. You'll be much less likely to be taken advantage of and further along the way to your goal of financial freedom if you take an active role by educating yourself about financial matters.

So, are YOU ready to "take command" of your financial future?

Great! We're ready to help.

Why Do We Do This?

We don't want a single American service member to feel he or she must get out of the armed forces in order to create a secure financial future for his or her family.

The job you perform is FAR too important to preserving our American way of life. Frankly, we’re grateful that you want to do the job you’re doing.

While you're out there serving at the tip of the spear, we want you focused on completing your mission and returning safely to your loved ones. You don't need to be worried about your family's financial survival at home.

So this web site is a comprehensive resource where military families can find information and education about basic money management skills as well as more advanced financial strategies – secrets that have been used for generations by America's wealthiest families to protect and grow their wealth. There's not another group we'd rather share this valuable information with.

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