Save the SEALs!

by Preston W. Athey
(Sarasota, FL)

We must save the SEALs! This makes me sick to think this country could even think these well-trained SEALs could be in the wrong. This should not have even been in the news, it's so disheartening.

When will this country learn that war causes death? How many people did we kill when we dropped the atom bomb? And were they soldiers? No. That bomb, believe it or not, ended the war -- saving more people than it killed. It's a historical fact.

So, if the terrorist who masterminded the unspeakable horrors suffered by those Americans gets punched in the gut, that's just too bad. He's lucky he's still alive.

The TV news people would do anything to get the attention of the people. How many enemy have we killed this week?

Navy SEALs who do wrong in war could be dishonorably discharged.

Editor: A dishonorable discharge is a punitive discharge that must be part of a sentence issued by a General Court-Martial after conviction of a serious criminal offense. It eliminates almost all benefits available to veterans. These SEALs are facing a Special Court-Martial, in which the worst discharge they could be awarded is a Bad Conduct Discharge, or BCD.

Gitmo Cuba prisoners getting cable t.v. and $25.00 per day for meals, cells now air conditioned?

What happened to the common sense this country had 50 years ago?

There's one chief of police in Texas, who knows how to run a prison, has them sleeping in tents, no air conditioning, wearing pink prison clothes,learning how to take orders, and
chain gangs to clean streets. The cost of this prison is the cheapest in the U.S.A. That's using common sense!

Editor: Actually, that's Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Phoenix), Arizona. His jails are overcrowded, so some of the inmates live in "tent cities" with no air conditioning. When they complain, he reminds them that our troops in the desert in Iraq and Afghanistan have no air conditioning, and they're not criminals. If they can volunteer to serve our country and defend our freedom without air conditioning, then surely these criminals can repay their debt to society without air conditioning. He reminds them that he doesn't want jail to be pleasant, because he doesn't want to see them back again. The pink underwear they are issued came about as a result of a theft ring stealing and selling prison-issued skivvies. So Sheriff Joe had all the skivvies dyed pink, and there's far less disappearance.

Back our soldiers at all costs. They keep us free -- God bless them for coming to the call of freedom for us.

Obama, want to help? Don't let this happen to our well-trained SEALs and Rangers, special forces and soldiers fighting for our country. Protect them at home!!

What uniform did you wear? You are the number one leader now - 10-star general. I sure hope you learn how to salute the flag of our forefathers -- the Stars and Stripes.

God bless America - guide her and protect her, and bring our soldiers home.

Preston W Athey
US Navy
Viet Nam vet

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SEALs Endangered
by: Preston

What a waste of taxpayers' money -- this is one of the most stupid military trials I've ever heard of. I thought this country's military was smarter than this.

General Cleveland, stop this attack on our own Navy SEALs. Drop this case and you won't look so stupid.

Use your common sense. Do you really want to punch these SEALs harder than they punched the American-killing terrorist?

Stop this!! There's no room for political correctness in our military -- this is called military correct.

Set them free and return them to the battle field to do what they were trained to do. Obviously, they do it well -- not a single shot was fired in the capture of this terrorist.


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