Arguing With a Fool

by Gary A. Towers
(Granbury, Texas, USA)

I was there, served in Theater, mostly up country Thailand.

Sorry, but I have not met any of Mr. Kilmer's descriptions in my fellow veterans including Medal Of Honor Recipients from Viet Nam.

My fellow Veterans served with Honor and came home to establish themselves in respectable occupations. One or two are still suffering the traumatic relapses from their service and under Doctor's care, but they too served with honor.

We did it so that people here at home could be free to express their opinion, such as Mr. Kilmer.

We are proud and we are VETERANS and we SERVED WITH PRIDE even though we were in a war that often is forgotten, and we were not treated as Veterans when we returned! The VETERAN"S TRIBUTE MOTORCYCLE was built to honor all who served. (

I suggest Mr. Kilmer visit some veterans in the VA hospital to talk to some of the "losers" that he describes, or the Medal of Honor Society, etc.

He has his opinion. I honor the quote "When arguing with a fool, I must be sure that he is not doing the same", therefore I will stop here.

Gary A. Towers
Road Hog Enterprises, Inc.

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Dec 31, 2010
What I tell mose people who ask what it was like "over the pond"
by: Sgt Rich Placek, Necedah, Wi., USA

What I tell most people about my time in Nam is, if you were not there, DON'T ASK.

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